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The Captain

Alec Green

I started The G Agency after witnessing many of my favorite businesses within my home town get taken advantage of by "big city agencies". These "agencies" did not care about the success of these companies, only that they added just a bit to their monthly quota. My goal is to never let that happen. I work with local business, family companies, startups and other creatives because I was raised surrounded by family and friends doing that everyday. I understand the hardships of getting up every day, opening the front door, assisting customers, checking orders, than locking the door and making home in time for dinner with your family. 

At The G Agency, no company is too small, and no idea is too big. 


We Are Storytellers

At The G Agency, we focus on painting a clear image of your brand through strategically grounded, culturally relevant, and true to your passions. We compile our creative passion, carefully researched data, and great ideas to build, grow and expand your brand.



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We offer a variety of services best suited for your company's needs. Check out how we can tell your story. 


We Stand By You

At The G Agency, we pride ourselves on working with local companies, entrepreneurs, family businesses and creative people. Our goal is to ensure the protection, growth and potential for clients. Unlike other agencies, we love to create content that matters, tells a story, and most importantly, reflects your brand. 


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We love small communities and want to help your business flourish within them. Check out some of the work we have done with some of your neighbors.


We Build Relationships

At The G Agency, we want to have a long term relationship with you. Our goal is to help you grow and work beside you rather than watch you from a distance. We provide essential information that increases your knowledge of digital marketing and advertising. 



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