For Students By Students

 A short documentary about the lives of three Full Sail Students as they reflect on their different experiences and are impacted by Hall of Fame.

Directed by Alec Green and Cal Scott

Story Developed and Edited by Katelyn Wright

Produced by Jacey Kalin

Ingested by Sydney Beaman

Filmed By Jimmy Taylor, Carson Eisen, Zach Alivio, Tyler Brown

With special help from Platinum Creative and Full Sail University


The spark

The process it took to create this great story it started from reflecting on previous experiences on the production team of Hall Of Fame 8 at Full Sail University. During Hall Of Fame 8, production teams were not under good leadership. There were lots of miss communication, unclear expectations and too many deliverables. Alec Green, Director and Project Manager, initiated an idea to correct those mistakes and focus on a new goal for Hall Of Fame 9 (HOF9). The goal was to follow three students and tell their story during the week of HOF. 

the assembly

After creating the initial idea, Alec now had to share the goals for this project to instructors at Full Sail. After weeks of changes and alterations it was now time to assemble the team. The production team as a whole had about 25 people. The Production team was broken down into two groups. One group created daily videos discussing the previous days highlights and the other group focused on the documentary telling the story of three people chosen as student experience members. 

The Fuel

Day one of the production began by training our camera operators, ingest managers, audio managers and talent one what we needed to accomplish for this project. Cal Scott (Co-Director) lead the camera team to show the specific camera techniques and settings he required for the project. Alec Green meet with ingest team and talent to make sure everything was in order for the week. 

the wings

A few days into the project we began to get word from other instructors, staff and other students that there was a lot of attention around our project. Our documentary was naturally building the traction we intended. Finally, we finished our last day of shooting and than began our editing phase. Katelyn Wright (Editor/Script Supervisor & Talent) lead the editing for the project.

Catch Flight

After the video was finished it was time to showcase our hard work at the Media Communication HOF Presentation Showcase. The event hosted not only all the students involved but instructors, staff and even executives of the university. Catch Flight received a standing ovation lead by many kind words from staff and instructors.

About a week after the presentation we had recieved word that exectutives at the college had seen our documentary showcasing what amazing opportunities the Student Experience Initiative gave to the three students. The exectives decided to fund the program for another year.  

HOF9 Presentation Headshots-027.jpg
Alec Green.jpg