Flannel & Whiskey is a Florida based company founded by two men wearing flannel shirts and sharing a bottle of whiskey reminiscing about their younger days camping. Flannel and Whiskey (F&W) is about the idea of "make time". We all have the same amount of time everyday and we tend to make choices that sacrifices time with the people we love. F&W is about making time for outdoors, open roads and Rock n' Roll. 


Flannel & Whiskey had approached us about creating new content for their website and social media pages. This included lifestyle photography and a full video production. First, we had to review the F&W brand to ensure our production would fit their brand. Flannel and Whiskey has three categories within their single brand. Hiking, travel and music/culture. We choice to first tackle the hiking category, so we found three models and headed into the Florida wilderness.